An Overview of full motion Simulation Video Games

Arcade and video games are not new in the world of video games but the latest innovations and technological advancements have taken them to an altogether new level. The leader in the field of video games is simulation games that have taken the world of gaming by storm. In fact, simulation technologies have now gone beyond just video games and are now extensively used in business environments and for training purposes.

Simulation video games are ones that exactly replicate real life situations and experience so much so that if you are at the controls of an F1 car on the tracks in a game, you get to physically feel the bumps and curves of the track. What makes these games exciting is the fact that there are no predetermined goals of a game and the player has to respond instantly to situations that crop up in a random manner. Hence, if a player takes controls of a game a number of times, each will be different from the other.

The origin of motion simulator video games goes back to the mid 1980s. A few games released then had the word “Simulator” in the title but were not true simulation games as is known today. The first true simulator game the Fortune Builder was released in 1984 followed by Will Wright and SimCity in 1989 which can be said to be the racing simulator game that we know today.

Some of the well known and very popular motion simulator video games are –

  • War on Wheels – This is a two player game. While one will be driving a rugged but shaky 4×4 Jeep, the other will be gunning down zombies that constantly rise from the dead.
  • Nitro Wheelie – It is a dirt bike simulation game that offers advanced graphic engine and 3 degrees of freedom motion queuing.
  • X1 Simulator – Zip around the tracks on a F1 racer at 200 mph and test driving skills on torturous tracks. Even the motions give a real life feeling with the bumps and the curves testing the body to the maximum.
  • Soccer – There are many variations of this game including Super Dribbler, Hyper Header and the Goal Stopper. There is never a dull moment with this game of Soccer.

Motion simulation video games have taken the gaming experience today to truly exciting heights.